Expo: ‘DO NOT FEED’ (Meta.Live.NU presents DFM RTV INT)

EXHIBITION: 7 december 2007 – 3 february 2008VIDEO VORTEX.2

(closed 23 dec 2007 – 7 jan 2008)

Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMK / MonteVideo-TimeBasedArts) Keizersgracht 264, 1016EV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



(Meta.Live.NU presents: DFM RTV INT)


RL interface concept by Ze Moo

Please check live physical contact schedule with Ze Moo during this period in the




ONLINE 24/7:

Second Life location: RPG land, Resonance sim, in NoR (SL’s MMORPG)

ROUTE / DIRECTIONS: – After arrival at Resonance NoRsim entrance: Click earth to teleport. – After arrival outside: Walk in EAST direction (follow your red TP arrow). Go into the road with the graffiti ‘SPACE’ on the wall on your right (130,130,40) – Then go left into the :::RPG::: park entrance. (140,140,40)


 The opening party was 7 december 17:00 CET (= SL 8 am PST) > 20:00 CET (SL 11 am PST)

Photo by Damien Simons

[photo: Damien Simons]



*** Homo SapienSL (Terra) ***

–start OOC Info —

‘Meta.Live.NU presents DFM RTV INT’

A conceptual information-art project (RL) during the exhibition ‘Video Vortex.2”
Live december 7th till 23rd 2007 + Also live january 7th till february 3rd 2008

This is a live interface experiment between virtual life (‘VL’) and physical life (‘PL’). This exhibition is 24/7 accessible for the public through the metaverse of Second Life AND at certain timeslots also in Amsterdam, at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMK-MonteVideo) . You can hear and see sounds and images from the live radiotelevision station run by an international collective of media-artists and even meet them: DFM RTV INT

Eveline Schoonhoven and Ad Breda, (the caged avatars) are on two public computer terminals in a physical public exhibition space in the Netherlands Media Art Institute. This is part of a larger media-art exhibition called ‘Video Vortex.2’. The SL viewers of Eveline Schoonhoven and Ad Breda are projected ‘lifesize’ on two walls (about 3 x 4 meters videobeam projections). These two avatar characters were exclusively created for this exhibition.

Physical visitors in the RL Amsterdam exhibition come and go, some of them go explore the SL interface with the provided keyboard & mouse in the center of the room others just watch the screens. At certain moments there will be no visitors at all, so at those times Eveline Schoonhoven and Ad Breda are unoperated avatars and will not react. The physical exhibition is open fro the public tuesday-saturdays 13:00-18:00 CET (SL 4 am – 9 a PST). Entrance is 3.- euro’s. The Second Life exhibition is open 24/7 during this period and free entrance.

The visiting people “in” the avatar often have no clue whats going on, and only find out who they are on screens, when they move or chat and then can explore what situation they are in. Most people will only spend a few minutes operating an avatar, others maybe longer. You are very welcome to interact with them.

Sounds and voice chat are audible in the physical exhibition space over a soundsystem with each videobeam projection but they can not reply with voice, as there are no microphones with the public computer terminals.

Media.Live.Nu is in continious creative development and under permanent construction. So things will change, special events can happen and more info will be added. Please refresh the website http://meta.live.nu for updates and please pick up a new notecard from time to time. Please join the SL group ‘Meta.Live.Nu’ for (last minute) info, news and other communications on events from the ‘interactive virtual live media lab’ Meta.Live.NU

Thank you for your attention,

Ze Moo

(Meta.Live.NU project manager)

— end OOC Info —


23 Responses to “Expo: ‘DO NOT FEED’ (Meta.Live.NU presents DFM RTV INT)”

  1. 2008/01/11 at 12:34

    hallo there,

    I’ve just read, with some interest, the webpages producing the information for this exhibition. I see that the re-opening party will be begining today – 11th January, so i plan to visit the SL installation in Dam Square, with my avatar – ma Smadga. Good wishes for a successful second life part 2 . I have in mind to make some live video mixes for DFM RTV INT

    oima UK

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