Second Front

WALL.K (or Dancing About Architecture)

A performance art happening by SECOND FRONT, 10 february 2008, at the Second Wall-ker Art Center  at the Locusolus sim, in Second Life.

Wall.K Image by CallieDelBoa

Artist/director/writer Man Michinaga (Patrick Lichty) was joined by artists Aliselborg Zhaoying, Tran Spire, Ze Moo and a few others in ‘Wall.K.


In Wall.K, the performing artists were wearing wall-shaped avatars.(!)

 Wall.K - Image by CallieDelBoaAll this was projected to a live audience as part of SL ONE at the Directors Lounge in Berlin, in cooperation with the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Wall.K by CalleDelBoa

Next to SL ONE curator Olga Wunderlich, only a small fortunate audience was invited to attend the Wall.K performance inworld SL, in an attempt to prevent sim lag. Among them were Jce Emoto, Ninah Puchkina, Chantal Harvey, SaveMe Oh, CallieDel Boa, Ollie Kubrick, LWK Telling, and a couple of other priveleged SL-residents.

Man Michinaga CalleDel Boa

Second Front seems to be one of the most profoundly recognized performance art groups in the metaverse Second Life. Patrick Lichty is better known as a member of brilliant anti-WTO activist group ‘The Yes Man’ (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yes_men)

More pictures and video coming up…


WHEN MAN MET ZE. Patrick Lighty at Video Vortex, photo by Silvertje

During the Video Vortex Conference in Amsterdam in january, Patrick Lichty (Man Michinaga) was visiting the ‘DO NOT FEED (Meta.Live.Nu presents DFM RTV INT)’ installation at the VideoVortex.2 exhibition.

In the physical exhibition space of the N.I.M.K., Patrick Lichty took control of the naked Ad Breda avatar and escaped the cage at De Dam square in SL-Amsterdam. Ad Breda then went to do an spontanious streaker intervention at the IAM Columbia Isle, the sim of the Columbia College Interactive Arts and Media (IAM) department in Chicago, Illinois. Ze Moo was observing how Ad Breda would survive this without a sim-ban… Read more about this happening at the SecondFront.blogspot

Eveline Schoonhoven, Man Michinaga, Ad Breda

The day after the VideoVortex Conference, Patrick Lichty arrived as SL-resident Man Michinaga in the cage with Ad Breda and Eveline Schoonhoven.

Man Michinaga, Eveline Schoonhoven

This time, Patrick Lichty was logged in from an airport somewhere in the U.S. while changing flights, while Man Michinaga was changing avatars


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