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17-19 june MetaMeets 3D-internet & virtual worlds conference Amsterdam


May 7-8: MetaMeets 2010

“Europe’s Premier 3D Internet Developer Conference”

May 7th & 8th 2010

MetaMeets2010 Dublin - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

2009: Amsterdam, The Netherlands + Virtual Holland, SL

2011: Berlin, Germany + Berlin , SL + … ?


24 april: ARflashmob by SNDRV

short URL:

Bring you own Virtual Human statue to the worlds 1st  Augmented Reality Flashmob at De Dam square, Amsterdam, NL

April 24th 14:00 CET

This happening by Dutch artist Sander Veenhof is not inworld SL, but with a little imagination one can foresee future possibilities of AR with live avatars & prims and it’s possible social impact…


Sander Veenhof (aka Overig Solzhenitsyn in SL) is also known for his  groundbreaking performances and experiments with SL. Like for instance the mixed-reality installation:
“Physical Virtuality: What’s the weight of an avatar?”


Who is gonna be in Amsterdam @ #ARflashmob this saturday and live stream from mobile device??? (Ustream or qik or so) Then we can also do a simultanious Media-Prim-Avatar-FLASHmob in Amsterdam, Second Life! 🙂 (with SL 2.0 Viewer)


“Another Perfect World” Dutch tv documentary

“Another Perfect World” “in search of Virtual Paradise”


Internet Premiere (dutch subitles edition) 31 july. Replays 1 – 6  august 2009

Holland Doc 24 TV (cable & satellite & web live stream & Livestation)

  • Friday 22:09 – 23:06 CEST
  • Saturday 02:49 – 03:46
  • Saturday 10:50 – 11:47
  • Sunday 06:12 – 07:08
  • Sunday 19:14 – 20:11
  • Monday 17:19 – 18:16
  • Tuesday 14:27 – 15:24
  • Wednesday 02:36 – 03:33
  • Wednesday 12:39 – 14:36
  • Thursday 12:18 – 13:15

More replays on this digital tv channel are possible.

INTERVIEWS: Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden of Second Life), Jae-Kyung Song of Lineage, Hilmar Veigar Petursson of EVE OnlineRaph Koster of Metaplace and Kevin Alderman /aka/ Stroker Serpentine of Strokerz Toyz

Kevin Alderman (SL: Stroker Serpentine) creating animations for his Adult Second Life business


This documentary will also be broadcasted TV in more countries:  Probably on SBS Australia, NRK Norway, YLE Finland, SVT Sweden and other TV  stations.


In this Youtube preview there is a scene about virtual worlds money and economics there is a machinima fragment, shot by Sandwoman Petion. Of a burning Dollars sculpture and with an  ‘Euro-Avatar’ running passed. These Second Life objects were created by Herman Bergson for the Meta.Live.Nu event at the  ‘Goodbye Dollar’ party in Amsterdam, NL. This scene appears  not inthe full version.


The festival premiere was in april 2009 at Hot Docs, Canada.


The British TV premiere was 23 June 2009 on Channel Four /More 4

True Stories presents: Jorien van Nes and Femke Wolting’s fascinating insight into online virtual worlds. Second Life, World of Warcraft, Metaplace, U World – all virtual worlds where the user can create their own paradise, far removed from real life. People can create societies that range from the democratic to the dictatorial, have avatars that resemble their ideal and can engage in actions that their real life personality would never dream of doing, from cyber-sex to virtual crime. But who creates these worlds and are they the right people to be crafting idealised societies that pretend to address and solve the inadequacies of the real world?

The Internet TV premiere was:  june 2009, Metaworld2


The Netherlands TV premiere was: Thursday 30 july 2009, Nederland 2

Voor miljoenen mensen is het virtuele universum een plek die steeds meer vervlochten raakt met hun echte leven. De plek waar makers en spelers hun eigen paradijs kunnen creëren, ver verwijderd van de echte wereld; geheel naar eigen inzicht, variërend van democratie tot dictatuur. Hier leiden de virtuele inwoners een leven waarvan zij vroeger niet durfden te dromen; van warlord tot succesvol cybersex ondernemer.

Maar wie zijn de bedenkers van deze werelden en welke ideeën en ideologieën liggen eraan ten grondslag? Hoe gaat het bouwen van een virtueel utopia in zijn werk? Wat zijn de economische en politieke regels in de virtuele wereld? Is er persvrijheid? Hoe wordt er handel gedreven? Moeten de virtuele inwoners zich aan wetten houden, of zijn zij daar eindelijk helemaal vrij in? Zijn het echt ideale werelden zonder aardse beperkingen?

In deze documentaire gaan Femke Wolting en Jorien van Nes op zoek naar antwoorden op deze vragen.

Zij spreken de oprichters van de grootste virtuele werelden, waaronder Philip Rosedale van Second Life, Jae-Kyung Song van Lineage, Hilmar Veigar Petursson van EVE Online en Raph Koster van Metaplace over de ideeën achter hun werelden.

More references:


Debates about BM 2008 theme: “The American Dream”

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Please join the independent GLOBAL ARTS & POLITICS – ONLINE OPEN DEBATES about the Burning Life (BL) / Burning Man (BM) 2008 theme:


Thursday 2 + saturday 4 +  sunday 5, october 2008:
At SL 3 pm PDT ( = CEST 00:00 midnight) – till about SL 5 pm PDT (=CEST 02:00)


* What is your association with “The American Dream”?

* Does your playa creation at BL fit this theme, and why did you do so?

* Did you decide not to join BL this year because of the theme ‘The American Dream’, why exactly?

* Did your visit at BM or BL change your views and opinion on “The American Dream”?

* What should be the theme for BM and BL in 2009? (Should BM and BL always have identical themes?)

+ Any other issues you can bring in about the BL theme


Please join the discussion with voice and text chat around the campfire at the Meta.Live.Nu information-remix-art exhibition “Grid Gypsy Camp: Brazil”



Please be respectfull to eachother, even towards The American Dreamers! 😉
No insults please, nor other violations of the BL and SL Network Principles of course.

By joining the debate, you give permission for it to be logged and recorded for possible publication later on the web under a non-commercial creative commons license.


After thursday 2 october, follow-up debates will be saturday 4 and sunday 5 october, same topics, same time, same place.

Sunday 5 october (last day of the Burning Life festival) we will have a round-up of all 3 debates.


Please join the SL group ‘Meta.Live.Nu‘  for latest news updates.

And please check the EVENTS CALENDAR



Videos: Virtual Web Symposium Amsterdam

Video-on-demand of the Virtual Web Symposium online now!

Watch these very interesting lectures, showcases and interviews in Flash video here:

De Balie

27 feb.: Virtual Web Symposium, Amsterdam [update]

At De Balie, wednesday 27 februari 2008, from 15:00 hrs till around 22:00 hrs CET


Extensive report about this conference at

Report (NLs) at


Virtual Web Symposium

This event includes Scientists, Educators, Web Specialists, 3D Designers, Artists, Technicians and others. There will be demonstrations, lectures and discussions (both live and virtual) about Education and the Future of the Virtual Web

For a list of participants and more detailed info see


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