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24 april: ARflashmob by SNDRV

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Bring you own Virtual Human statue to the worlds 1st  Augmented Reality Flashmob at De Dam square, Amsterdam, NL

April 24th 14:00 CET

This happening by Dutch artist Sander Veenhof is not inworld SL, but with a little imagination one can foresee future possibilities of AR with live avatars & prims and it’s possible social impact…


Sander Veenhof (aka Overig Solzhenitsyn in SL) is also known for his  groundbreaking performances and experiments with SL. Like for instance the mixed-reality installation:
“Physical Virtuality: What’s the weight of an avatar?”


Who is gonna be in Amsterdam @ #ARflashmob this saturday and live stream from mobile device??? (Ustream or qik or so) Then we can also do a simultanious Media-Prim-Avatar-FLASHmob in Amsterdam, Second Life! 🙂 (with SL 2.0 Viewer)


Club Tabac: Cross-reality event reports

We are gathering images, sounds and other data documenting last weekends succesfull Club Tabac cross-reality event.

Please add your images and videos’s to . Or add other URLs in the comments. Please contact Ze Moo if you need help with uploads.

Video recording exerpt of the live broadcast with Eifachflim Vacirca‘s performance with DJ Damien S. at the end of the video: (33 mins.) (19 mins.)

Club Tabac snapshots by puchkina

Club Tabac snapshots by CallieDel Boa

Snapshots by Joja Dhara

by puchkina

by puchkina

Club Tabac snapshots by Joja Dhara

Eifachfilm Vacirca performing in the background, SaveMe Oh and another great avatar (name?) on the right. On screen the pro/contra smoking debate live at De Balie

DJ Damien Simons double on live screen: physically at De Balie and virtually at Club Maya Beach.

BIG CHEERZ to everybody who contributed to this unique event!


28 june 2008 Club Tabac: cross-reality party

Club Interbellum presents a Cross-Reality party event about smoking-culture: CLUB TABAC.

Club Tabac is inter-connecting 5 physical spaces and 5 virtual spaces: The event rooms at Theatre/cinema/café De Balie (Amsterdam NL) and the sims Amsterdam-SL, Groningen-SL, Virtual Holland Future, Club Maya, and SL5B Copy.

\ Image by Anya Kivert

This is the last saturday ever in the history of The Netherlands that smoking will be allowed in clubs, bars, restaurants coffeeshops and so. The new Dutch public places smoking-ban law takes effect on july 1st 2008.

This Club Tabac event brings pro-smoking versus contra-smoking debates, live bands, DJ’s, VVJ’s, art performances and more. Physical as well as virtual! RL live mixing physical and virtual images and sounds on audio & video livestreams on the web and in Second Life. And on large physical video projection screens at De Balie halls.

SL5B LAN-Party

Bring your laptop and celebrate SL5B in RL! Free wireless internet and powersockets available. Club Tabac tickets are 10 euros. FREE ENTRANCE for the first 5 avatars logging in from this LAN-Party. They will get their RL entrance ticket money refunded in Linden Dollars.


The most popular avatar in sexy ‘smoking-fetish’ or ‘smoking celebrity lookalike’ or craziest smoking avatar is chosen by a Real Life audience and wins L$ 15000. Total prizemoney: L$ 25000. (Twentyfive Thousand Linden Dollars!)

Full programme and info on CYBER CLUB TABAC:

Club Tabac Flyer print

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