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London Theatre Blog interview ‘Goodbye Dollar’ event

Andrew Eglinton, founder and editor of the widely-respected and profound London Theatre Blog held an interview with Joyce Timmerman (SL: Joyce Menjou) and Ze Moo. About Live Machinima Theatre, as part of the  ‘Club Goodbe Dollar’ event at De Balie (Amsterdam) & cyberspace in august 2008.  And they chatted about the future of crossing boundaries between arts and technology.

Please read the entire interview here:

Theatre In Second Life

[photo by Viola van Alphen]

More references:

Live Theater in Second Life

Teatro en SL

“Orientation” by Nebulosus Severine and Arahan Claveau


[video] Philip Rosedale live in Amsterdam 2008

When Second Life founder and former Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale ( a.k.a. avatar Philip Linden) was in Amsterdam in september 2008, he gave a very inspiring lecture and intimate Q & A at the third EduverseSymposium at De Balie: ‘Your Virtual Future‘.

Watch a livestream video recording of this conversation with Philip Rosedale on the future of virtual worlds here:

And there is also a machinima video online (created by Chantal Harvey), shot at the mobile virtual auditorium of De Balie.





“Second Life is not a techno-elitist toy. This is something that’s empowering and meaningfull to a lot of people. And when I said people build Ferrari’s in SL, I only meant sadly that television has taught them to covet Ferrari’s. Not that they own them.” – (Philip Rosedale, Amsterdam sept. 23, 2008) – – From 05:09 on

You can make a ‘TEST-transmission-drive’ yourself in this TVerrari TESTosterona – Philip Rosendale edition: for only One Linden Dollar (L$ 1). Pick it up at Amsterdam sim. Play Media for a live-television-paint-job!



27 sept.>5 oct.: Meta.Live.Nu @ Burning Life 2008s,

Meta.Live.Nu was selected by the Burning Life organisation to get land access in order to be present at Burning Life 2008.  On show is the experimental ‘information-art’ installation by Ze Moo:

“Grid Gypsy Camp: Brazil”

This cross-reality, information-art installation is our reply to this years Burning Man / Burning Life theme “The American Dream”. It is partly inspired by the Burning Man festival, partly inspired by the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil’ (1984), and partly inspired by the article Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians” by Nicholas Carr. Other inspirations into this interactive mixed media art piece come from various real global social, political and enviromental issues.

Next to this, Meta.Live.Nu at BL 2008 will also present some sculptures by invited artist Herman Bergson.

Meta.Live.Nu special thanks: Tooter Claxton, Arcadia Asylum, Cel Edman, Amanda Dench, Talia Tokugawa, Talen Morgan, Luv Ock, Jamal Mfume, Ryan Linden, DFM RTV INT, De Balie Media, Freeteam, DDS,

Burning Life is a non-commercial virtual festival of Art, Fire and Community. It is the virtual version of the American Burning Man festival and starts saturday 27 september 2008 in Second Life.

* All Burning Life sims close for maintenance: Saturday sept. 27, SL 6:30 am PDT (= 15:30 CEST)
* Gates Open to the public, Saturday sept. 27, SL 9 am PDT (= 18:00 CEST)
* Center Camp stage fires up, Saturday sept. 27, SL 11 am PDT (= 20:00 CEST)

Official Burning Life website:

Websites for participants: ( (

Other Burning Life websites:


Philip Rosedale (former CEO of Linden Lab, founder of Second Life) is explaining about Burning Life to an audience of hundreds at PicNic Festival in Amsterdam, sept. 24, 2008.
Philip Rosedale (former CEO of Linden Lab, founder of Second Life) is explaining about the enormous creativity put in Burning Life, In front of an audience of many hundreds at PicNic Festival in Amsterdam, sept. 24, 2008. (photo by Olando7 )

This post was updated at 5 october,18:10 CEST

More updates coming up!


Report: Club Goodbye Dollar

Live Machinima Theatre & SLLAN-Party

Live Machinima Theatre & SLLAN-Party

The Live Machinima Theatre cross-reality event ‘Club Goodbye Dollar’ was a great succes! Please check Lauren Weyland’s blogpost and here are some images:

 ORIENTATION - Performance art by Arthole

' ORIENTATION' - Performance art by Arthole

Goodbye Dollar debate livestream at Amsterdam-sim

Do you know more sites who reported about this event? Please add the links in the comments. Did you also take snapshots or make video? Please upload them to the web and add the URLs here.


30 august ’08: Club Goodbye Dollar – Live Machinima Theatre & SLLAN-Party

Live performances in the virtual world Second Life interactive on the big white screen of De Balie Movie theatre. With livestream broadcasts via the web and in SL.

Club Goodbye Dollar

30 august 2008: Club Goodbye Dollar

Chat-debate, avatar-music concerts, prim-poetry, comedy-theatre, art-performances, role-play-game combat, cyber-sex shows, Most-Creative-Avatar contest, interactive virtual-dance party + LAN-party.

With The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Second Front, Lauren Weyland, Arthole, d-oo-b, Akrazul Boa, Amari Soyinka, DFM RTV INT and many more!


Video: Meta.Live.Nu Logo Awards Ceremony

 Chantal Harvey has made a great machinima report about the Meta.Live.Nu Logo Awards Ceremony.



Meta.Live.Nu logo awards ceremony video

Download video in Flash:

Download video in H.264 / Mpeg4 (Quicktime, also works inworld SL):


And the winner is… DAKOTAH YUE !!!


Meta.Live.Nu logo by Dakotah Yue

1st prize : 10000 L$ > DAKOTAH YUE !!!

Winner Dakotah Yue

An ashtonished Dakotah Yue receiving her prize.

2nd prize: 2000 L$ > MADED SHEPERD

3rd prize: 300 L$ > ZANN CANTO

Video: Machinima report by Chantal Harvey.

We congratulate the winners and thank all participants in this contest very much for their great contributions! All the submitted logos are still on display at the Harvey Machinima Theatre!

Meta.Live.Nu logo contest submissions from left to right:


Stacey Kawanishi, Dakotah Yue (1st PRIZE!), Joshua Morane, Art Canning, Mariska Schulze, Zann Canto (3rd PRIZE),


Roy Cassini, Fox Weyland, Jce Emoto, Mariska Schulze, Maded Sheperd (2nd PRIZE) and Fox Weyland.

Meta.Live.Nu live broadcast


This event was broadcasted live on the web and also in Second Life.

Moderated by CallieDel Boa and Ze Moo.

Theatre show set design: Ninah Puchkini.





Thanks to: DFM RTV INT, Rasta Open sim, SRL-Machinima, De Balie Media, DDS, Freeteam, Engage Tactical Media, SOMA FM, Art And Telecommunication Foundation K.E.T.S.

Meta.Live.Nu Logo by Dakotah Yue (inverted)


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