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17-19 june MetaMeets 3D-internet & virtual worlds conference Amsterdam


17-18 june MMIF 2011 Ma Machinima Int. Festival

P R E S S   R E L E A S E [updated 2011 06 14 04:00 CEST]
Avatars starring at Global Film Festival MMIF 2011
MaMachinima International Festival
June 17 / 18, 2011
Web live + LEA Theatre (SL™) + Club Karlsson, Amsterdam (NL)
 ‘MMIF 2011′ is the third edition of an annual film festival in 3D cyberspace with an interactive cinema screening in physical space (‘RL’). Audiences can follow some of the MMIF happenings live via the web.
The MMIF is a celebration of Machinima: films created in virtual worlds and video games. On 3D Internet platforms like Second Life® for instance, any kind of movie set can be built at very low cost. The MMIF aims to bring Machinima, a new cinematic art form, to a wider audience. Films by professional machinima producers and by those who are just starting out will be screened at MMIF 2011. Machinima directors and avatar actors from all over the world are present in real time at the virtual theatre in SL. These ‘Machinimatographers’ will present over fifty short films and discuss their work in front of a live global audience of viewers.
Audiences in Amsterdam can follow the MMIF event live, projected on a big screen in Club Karlsson at Keizersgracht, one of the most famous canals in Holland. Several participating machinimatographers will be present. Visitors can bring their own portable computers to interact with the show on the big screen. Free (wireless) internet and electricity is provided.
 Free entrance at Club Karlsson, however tickets are required. Reservations must be made via . The amount of tickets at the door is very limited! Full = FULL! 
This year MMIF collaborates with MetaMeets, a conference about 3D-internet and Virtual Worlds. MetaMeets 2011 will take place on the same dates and location as MMIF, but during day time.
The MMIF is a volunteer-run, non-profit collaboration of MaMachinima with Club KarlssonMetaMeetsMeta.Live.Nu, PLANETART, AviewTV, Ystreams.TV, MetaMixTV, Gallery Fermate and many other volunteers. Special thanks to NIMkDe Balie and Bellissima TV. MMIF 2011 is financed by donations and gifts. Virtual land sponsored by Linden Lab®. MMIF is founded and directed by the Dutch film maker Chantal Harvey.
 To view the MMIF 2011 full program, get latest news, get tickets or live online interaction please visit:

13:00 – 19:00 – 3D-Internet Conference
20:00 CEST (= SL 11:00 am PDT): – DOORS OPEN
20:30 CEST (= SL 11:30 am PDT): – Workshop ‘Machinima for Dummies’
22:00 CEST (= SL  1:00 pm PDT): – Opening ceremony + 2 film blocks
01:00 CEST (= SL  4:00 pm PDT): – Ending
13:00 – 19:00 – 3D-Internet Conference
20:00 CEST (= SL 11:00 am PDT): – DOORS OPEN
20:30 CEST (= SL 11:30 am PDT): – 3 film blocks
01:00 CEST (= SL   4:00 pm PDT): – Club Karlsson closes, MMIF continues interactive online
03:30 CEST (= SL   6:30 pm PDT): – Ending
Club Karlsson
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
LEA Theatre, Second Life®
Teleport & live streams via
PRESS CONTACT: Chantal Harvey

28 feb.: MMIF 2009 – MaMachinima International Festival

Last days of ‘Dadamachinima’ expo Amsterdam ends with Machinima Festival

MMIF 2009

MMIF 2009

MaMachinima International Festival
28th february 2009 – Free entrance
PLANETART, Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam (NL) + RastaViews sim (SL)

‘MMIF 2009′ is the first edition of an annual global film festival in cyberspace and simultaneously in Amsterdam (NL). In Amsterdam MMIF 2009 will happen at the very last day of the ‘Dadamachinima’ media-art exhibition by PLANETART about avant-garde videogame modification, started 18 December 2008.

The MMIF is initiated by the Dutch filmer Chantal Harvey. The MMIF is a celebration of machinima: a new cinematic art form, created with 3D virtual worlds and online computergames. All the actors (avatars) are individually operated real-time by real people while movie scenes are directed and recorded. On 3D web platforms like Second Life, directors can even build complete movie sets for relatively low costs. MMIF 2009 aims to bring machinima to a wider audience, online and offline.

Over forty short machinima films are screened at MMIF 2009, from all over the world. Machinima created wih all 3D web platforms and online games are welcome.

At the MaMachinima Theatre in Second Life, the artists and directors from many countries will be present in real time to talk about their creations. And to meet other machinimatographers and an international audience online.

The audience in Amsterdam can view the machinima films live via Second Life on a big screen at the auditorium of the PLANETART artspace in the former Volkskrantbuilding.

Free wireless internet and electricity provided for audience laptops.


DADAMACHINIMA art exhibitionn by moddr_  Worm
Joan Leandre, Marc van Elburg, Julian Oliver, Gordan Savicic, Ludic Society, Gottfried Haider, JODI, Walter Langelaar, Aram Bartholl, Paul B. Davis, Friedrich Kirschner.
Thu-fri-sat: 14:00-17:00 CET
Extra: sat 28 feb. 21:00-03:00 CET


MMIF 2009 Saturday 28 february

21:00 CET (= SL 12 pm PST) – OPEN
22:00 CET (= SL 1 pm PST) – Machinima film screenings
03:00 CET (= SL 6 pm PST) – THE END + After party online in SL



PLANETART Medialab Artspace
Wibautstraat 150
1091 GR  Amsterdam (NL)


MaMAchinima Theatre
Second Life

Lainy Voom, Pyewacket Bellman, CodeWarrior Carling, Rocksea Renegade, Cisko Vandeverre, Ideajuice Team, Chantal Harvey, Toxic Menges, DizzyBanjo, Fau Ferdinand,  Osprey Therian, Sail Away Project, Lowe Runo, Evie Fairchild and Phaylen Fairchild, Sandwoman Petion, Cecil Hirvi, Jam Tuqir , Larkworthy Antfarm, Shaman Nitely, Susi  Spicoli, PatrickFairhart – Kolor Fall, Rysan Fall, Starshine Halasy, Arahan Claveau, Hotspur Otoole, Brigitte Kungler, Robertz Sparrow, Mescaline Tammas, Binary Quandry, Suzi Yue, Delgado Cinquetti, Surfwidow Beaumont, Crew TinyNation, Aaron Jeans, Madame Zhora, Draxtor Despres, Eifachfilm Vacirca, Jam Tuqiri,  Russel Boyd – Pooky Amsterdam, Harisson Heller aka  Nefarious Guy, Alexicon Kurka, Lyric Lundquist, SaveMe Oh, Krrish Spyker, Evo Szuyuan, Scar Cooljoke and more!

MMIF 2009 is a non-profit collaboration of MaMachinima, Meta.Live.Nu, RastaOpen Sims,
and many other volunteers!

Programme, live chat, participants list, contact info and more about MMIF 2009 updated daily at the festival blog:

MMIF 2009 promo video: (Flash video) (Mpeg4 video)


‘Rez we can!’

WoW insider

Interesting image from

(found via


Video: National Gaming Debate [update]

11 februari 2008 – 19:30 C.E.T.: The Dutch National Gaming Debate live from De Balie in Amsterdam (Dutch spoken – Nederlands gesproken)

PLAY VIDEO (Quicktime)

Photo by moqub  Photo by moqub

This is in the context of Safer Internet Day 2008 Safer Internet Day 2008

A new website was launced this night: (“know what they game”)

Initiated by Digibewust digibewust


‘Houston, we’ve got a griefer!’

We intercepted the following note from Linden Lab’s Research Department about an exciting research project from the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration:



NASA Learning Technologies has issued a Request for Information (RFI):
Development of a NASA-based Massively Multiplayer Online Learning Game.
Here’s the URL:
The deadline if 15 Feb 08 for the RFI, with an RFP likely in March.


From :NASA MMO website

“Virtual worlds with scientifically accurate simulations could permit learners to tinker with chemical reactions in living cells, practice operating and repairing expensive equipment, and experience microgravity – making it easier to grasp complex concepts and quickly transfer this understanding to practical problems”  

Source via

So, will it be:

Just a small step for an avatar, but a giant leap for mankind?


Holidays: ‘DO NOT FEED’ Exhibition continues online

Because of the holidays, the N.I.M.K. museum in Amsterdam is closed. It will reopen januari 8th until februari 3rd 2008 . But the virtual part of the ‘DO NOT FEED’ (Meta.Live.Nu presents DFM RTV INT) installation continues online 24/7!  In the RPG Park, at the Resonance NoR sim, in Second Life.

We are planning a Second Opening Party, friday january 11th 2008. This will be in the Video Vortex.2 exhibition at N.I.M.K. and also simultaniously online in the metaverse. So you are very welcome to visit the physical party as well as the virtual party for drinks and meeting people!


Demonic assault

Just after closing time of the N.I.M.K. museum in Amsterdam (18:00 CET / SL 9 am PST) a gang of french speaking demons appeared in the :::RPG::: Park at the Resonance NoR sim in Second Life. One of them suddenly started shooting his gun at the passive, unarmed and naked avatars inside the ‘DO NOT FEED’ iron cage. Then they dissapeared quickly. Ad Breda and Eveline Schoonhoven were laying on the floor sedated for several minutes, before they revived.

Eveline Schoonhoven and Ad Breda after a demonic assault

A part of the log of the public chat channel, next to the iron cage:

[9:11] horoshi Upshaw: je les ai tuer eu hier deja
[9:11] xxMikexx Bebb: merde alors
[9:11] horoshi Upshaw: ahahahah
[9:11] xxxMikexx: shit then
[9:11] xxMikexx Bebb: regarde ca
[9:11] xxxMikexx: look at Ca
[9:11] horoshi Upshaw: vas y defoule toi
[9:11] Ze Moo: Bienvenue
[9:11] horoshi Upshaw: merci c gentil
[9:12] tiphaine Binder: merci
[9:12] xxMikexx Bebb: c’est quoi se truc?
[9:12] xxMikexx Bebb: leur garde manger?
[9:12] horoshi Upshaw: exebithion des homos sapiens
[9:12] xxxMikexx: their guard to eat?
[9:12] horoshi Upshaw: c ecrit sur la pancarte
[9:12] xxMikexx Bebb: ca craind
[9:13] xxxMikexx: Ca craind
[9:13] xxMikexx Bebb: je peu tuer?
[9:13] xxxMikexx: I little to kill?
[9:13] horoshi Upshaw: hier je les ai buter
[9:13] horoshi Upshaw: lol
[9:13] horoshi Upshaw: vas y
[9:13] xxMikexx Bebb: ca camp non?)
[9:13] xxxMikexx: Ca camp not?)
[9:14] WARPS V0.0.13 – METER: Ad Breda has been defeated by xxMikexx Bebb!
[9:15] horoshi Upshaw sourit
[9:15] xxMikexx Bebb: ca camp non?)
[9:15] xxxMikexx: Ca camp not?)
[9:15] WARPS V0.0.13 – METER: Eveline Schoonhoven has been defeated by xxMikexx Bebb!
[9:15] horoshi Upshaw: fuck
[9:15] xxMikexx Bebb: y a rien pfff
[9:15] xxxMikexx: y has anything pfff
[9:15] horoshi Upshaw: non nor est desert aujorud hui
[9:15] horoshi Upshaw: ca craind
[9:15] xxMikexx Bebb: oué
[9:15] xxxMikexx: oué

( xxMikexx seemed to wear some kind of bad translator script)


Video: Caged nudist party

Saturday december 8th at the ‘DO NOT FEED’ (‘Meta.Live.NU presents DFM RTV‘) exhibit in the RPG park at the Resonance NoR sim in Second Life, suddenly a crazy unexpected spontaneous nudist party happened. Avatar strangers somehow managed to join the already naked Ad Breda and Eveline Schoonhoven inside the Homo SapienSL cage until it was almost full.

Machinima artist Chantal Harvey made a video impression.

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