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17-19 june MetaMeets 3D-internet & virtual worlds conference Amsterdam


“Paying the costs of making things free”

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Economies of the Commons 2 – International Conference on Open Content

November 12 , 13 – 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands + online

How are we going to pay the bill for Free Culture that is to remain as publicly accessible as possible?


Second Life screening:



May 7-8: MetaMeets 2010

“Europe’s Premier 3D Internet Developer Conference”

May 7th & 8th 2010

MetaMeets2010 Dublin - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

2009: Amsterdam, The Netherlands + Virtual Holland, SL

2011: Berlin, Germany + Berlin , SL + … ?


9 april: MultiMediaTalk: ‘Online Communities’

link to this blogpost:

9 april 2009

19:30 CEST (NL) = 10:30 am PDT (SL)

Interactive talkshow for and by youngsters. Live at De Balie in Amsterdam, live on the web and also in Second Life.

MultiMediaTalk 9 april 2009 flyer


Meer info:

Please join group ‘Meta.Live.Nu for latest updates and contact in SL.

De jongerenredactie van Imagine IC duikt dit keer in het leven op ‘online communities’. Veel mensen hebben een avatar/profiel op Hyves, Tagged, Myspace, SL of in een andere online community. De wereld leeft online en men kan zich anders presenteren dan men in werkelijkheid is.

Heb jij online een ideaal alter ego en ben je daar alles wat je wilt zijn? Zijn jouw virtuele vrienden in het echte leven ook je vrienden? Hoe ver ga jij online, geef jij je ook wel eens bloot?

Discussieer nu al online op het web mee via de discussie widget van Cool Mediators. Draag stellingen, vragen en filmpjes voor en wie weet zie je ze terug in de Talk. Jij beïnvloedt de Talk door jouw mening te geven en te stemmen!



In de grote zaal van De Balie is o.a. SL te zien op een groot videobeam projectiescherm. Gratis draadloos internet voor laptops is aanwezig. In SL is de grote zaal van De Balie te zien via de livestream vertoning op virtuele videoschermen.

CHAT live mee via het ‘3D web’:  in de ‘Multi-Media-Circus’ tent op De virtuele Dam, Amsterdam 2 Sim in Second Life .


Contact avatar: ‘Balie Leven’
E-mail:   live_@_balie . nl



Onder de naam Multimediatalk organiseren jongeren (15-25) elke maand debatten voor leeftijdsgenoten in de Randstad. Vorig jaar was de jongerenredactie o.a. te vinden in De Nieuwe Kerk en De Balie, ook dit jaar zijn ze op verschillende locaties te vinden, waaronder op 9 april 2009 opnieuw in De Balie.

Deze talkshow is een coproductie van Imagine IC, De Balie en Cool Mediators.

Second Life faciliteiten met dank aan:, Meta.Live.Nu en Jce Shop

Datum | donderdag 9 april 2009
Tijd | inloop 19:30 / debat 20:00 uur – 21:30 uur
Locatie | De Balie, Amsterdam + Amsterdam 2 Sim + het web
Toegang | Gratis
Reserveren niet mogelijk | vrije inloop | vol = vol!




London Theatre Blog interview ‘Goodbye Dollar’ event

Andrew Eglinton, founder and editor of the widely-respected and profound London Theatre Blog held an interview with Joyce Timmerman (SL: Joyce Menjou) and Ze Moo. About Live Machinima Theatre, as part of the  ‘Club Goodbe Dollar’ event at De Balie (Amsterdam) & cyberspace in august 2008.  And they chatted about the future of crossing boundaries between arts and technology.

Please read the entire interview here:

Theatre In Second Life

[photo by Viola van Alphen]

More references:

Live Theater in Second Life

Teatro en SL

“Orientation” by Nebulosus Severine and Arahan Claveau


Popular 1st Dutch Virtual Worlds Meetup

This first informal physical ‘Meet the avatars’  in Amsterdam yesterday was a great succes! Without much serious  publicity, The ‘Salon’ auditorium of De Balie was filled with people from al kinds of fields connected to metaverses and other media.

A Trip To The Theatre

There was a live webcam from De Balie on the screens at the Teatro Masimo at the Nuova Sicilia sim in Second Life, where several avatars where virtually present. CallieDel Braie was one of them and took some snapshots.

Here a blog report in english: 

Here are some blog reports in dutch:

Virtual Worlds meetup De Balie

photo by Damien Simons


International Conference: Video Vortex – Amsterdam 18/19 jan. 2008

 18-01-2008 &19-01-2008

Venue: PostCS 11, PostCS building – Oosterdokskade 3-5- 1011 AD Amsterdam, NL.

In response to the increasing potential for video to become a significant form of personal media on the Internet, this conference examines the key issues that are emerging around the independent production and distribution of online video content. What are artists and activists responses to the popularity of ‘user-generated content’ websites? Is corporate backlash imminent?

Video Vortex International Conference

After years of talk about digital conversions and crossmedia platforms we are now witnessing the merger of the Internet and television at a pace that no one predicted. For the baby boom generation, that currently forms the film and television establishment, the media organisations and conglomerates, this unfolds as a complete nightmare. Not only because of copyright issues but increasingly due to the shift of audience to vlogging and video-sharing websites as part of the development of a broader participatory culture.

The Video Vortex conference aims to contextualize these latest developments through presenting continuities and discontinuities in the artistic, activist and mainstream perspective of the last few decades. Unlike the way online video presents itself as the latest and greatest, there are long threads to be woven into the history of visual art, cinema and documentary production. The rise of the database as the dominant form of storing and accessing cultural artifacts has a rich tradition that still needs to be explored. The conference aims to raise the following questions:

How are people utilising the potential to independently produce and distribute independent video content on the Internet?
What are the alternatives to the proprietary standards currently being developed?
What are the commercial objectives that mass media is imposing on user-generated content and video-sharing databases?
What is the underlying economics of online video in the age of unlimited uploads?
How autonomous are vloggers within the broader domain of mass media?
How are cinema, television and video art being affected by the development of a ubiquitous online video practice?
What type of aesthetic and narrative issues does the database pose for online video practice?

The closing session on Saturday evening will explore the way VJs and media artists are accessing and using online archives. Under the banner of Video Slamming, this evening is all about the new ways of watching, using, and playing with moving images, such as scratching, sampling, mixing, (meta)tagging and recommending. 



Some nice outreach for the “DO NOT FEED” exhibition in the dutch SL blogosphere: at

This website is a guide generated from a Flickr photo community about favorite Dutch locations in Second Life.


Video: Caged nudist party

Saturday december 8th at the ‘DO NOT FEED’ (‘Meta.Live.NU presents DFM RTV‘) exhibit in the RPG park at the Resonance NoR sim in Second Life, suddenly a crazy unexpected spontaneous nudist party happened. Avatar strangers somehow managed to join the already naked Ad Breda and Eveline Schoonhoven inside the Homo SapienSL cage until it was almost full.

Machinima artist Chantal Harvey made a video impression.


Video Vortex.2 expo opening party reports

The opening party of ‘Meta.Live.NU presents DFM RTV’ for the VideoVortex.2 exhibition was december 7th 2007 online in Second Life AND in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Damien Simons reported (in dutch) about the RL opening night at Another report is at And an article is published at the major dutch SL website

Meta.Live.Nu, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, NL. Photo by Damien Simons.

[photo: Damien Simons]

Theatre-producer, meta-actress, snapshot- journalist CallieDelBraie did an intensive SLsnapshot report inworld:

Do Not Feed

Video artist Chantal Harvey produced a great short piece of machinima about the SL part of the opening:

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